Real Meals

    • Chophouse

      Hunter’s Corner Chophouse menu items are all served with your choice of fries, two baked potatoes, a mountain of mashed potatoes or a mound of rice and unlimited soup & salad.

      **Mushroom & onion guarantee! If your server doesn’t ask you if you want mushrooms or onions on any of our steaks… they’re FREE!

      Hunter’s Corner Chophouse Steak Temperature Definitions:

      RARE – cool centre, bright red throughout
      MEDIUM RARE – warm centre, red throughout
      MEDIUM – warm, pink centre
      MEDIUM WELL – hot, small trace of pink in the centre
      WELL DONE – hot, fully cooked through
      BLUE RARE – barely touches the grill. Careful, he may still kick ya!

    • Grilled Sirloin

      AAA Island beef grilled to your liking

      16oz – $29.99
      12oz – $24.99
      8oz – $21.99

    • Prince Street Peppercorn Sirloin

      AAA Island beef covered in peppercorn gravy

      16oz – $31.59
      12oz – $27.59
      8oz – $23.59

    • Mushroom Sirloin

      AAA Island beef smothered in our famous mushroom cream sauce.

      16oz – $31.59
      12oz – $27.59
      8oz – $23.59

    • Blackened

      AAA Island beef covered in our blend of Cajun spice

      16oz – $31.59
      12oz – $27.59
      8oz – $23.59

    • Hunter’s Corner Sirloin

      Other steaks not big enough?

      Try this 24oz one… $35.59

      Or how about our 36oz cut? $43.59

    • The John Candy

      If you can put down this 72oz cut in an hour, we’ll pay for it!

      Either you or us! $70.99

    • Great Additions

    • Peppercorn Sauce


    • Mushroom Sauce


    • Blackened Seasoning


    • Add Mushrooms & Onions


    • Add Shrimp


    • Add Scallops


    • Chicken & Ribs

    • Baby Back Ribs

      Fall off the bone succulent baby back ribs.

      Full rack – $27.59
      Half rack – $20.59

    • Quarter Chicken Dinner


      Hickory smoked quarter chicken from the authentic smokers at The Factory Cookhouse!

    • Chicken Mushroom Melt


      A grilled chicken breast, covered in mushroom sauce and Swiss cheese.

    • Ship to Shore

      Entrees are served with your choice of fries, two baked potatoes, a mountain of mashed potatoes or a mound of rice and unlimited soup & salad, unless otherwise noted.

    • The New Island Traditional Lobster Dinner (Seasonal)

      Two lobsters, one plate.

      **Market price

    • Lobster Dinner (Seasonal)

      For those who aren’t as daring.

      **Market price

    • Salmon Fillet

      A 6oz jewel grilled to perfection and covered in fried onions.

      One piece – $21.59
      Two piece – $28.59

    • Pan Fried Haddock


      7oz pan-fried haddock loin with a lemon dill sauce.

    • Scallop & Shrimp Stir Fry


      Plump scallops & juicy shrimp served with vegetables over a bed of rice. Be careful… Spicy!

    • Seafood Bubbly Bake


      Haddock, salmon & scallops baked in a creamy cheese sauce until golden brown.

    • Scallops


      Deep fried scallops fried to a golden brown. Served with your choice of potato & mixed vegetables.

    • Shrimp Basket


      A big basket of deep fried shrimp and french fries.

    • Clam Strips


      Battered little suckers go good with a beer or whatever you wanna drown ’em with!

      Served with tartar sauce & a lemon.

    • Lobster Philly (Seasonal)

      Footlong toasted sub roll with peppers, celery, real lobster & mayo.

      **Market price

    • Scallop & Shrimp Combo


      Favourites from the floor of the ocean to your plate!

    • Seafood Pasta


      Plump scallops & jumbo shrimp tossed with linguine in a creamy white wine alfredo sauce.

    • Seafood Platter


      Deep-fried shrimp, scallops, clam strips & haddock served with steamed Island mussels & fries.

      Enough for a few to share!

    • Main Event

      Main Event dishes are meals unto themselves, no sides are served with these. Includes All-You-Can-Eat soup & salad

    • Taste of Italy

      A generous portion of linguine tossed with veggies and covered with your choice of carbonara, alfredo or rosé sauce.

      Add Chicken: $4.29

      Regular Size – $13.99
      Hunter’s Corner Size – $17.99

    • Massive Veggie Stir Fry (GF)

      A heaping bowl of rice topped with fresh cut veggies.

      Add sliced seasoned chicken – $4.29
      Add sliced marinaded sirloin – $4.29

      Regular Size – $12.99
      Hunter’s Corner Size – $15.99

    • Chicken Curry Pasta

      If you love curry you’ll love this baby. Linguine, chicken & vegetables in a mild alfredo curry sauce will have you wanting more!

      Regular Size – $15.99
      Hunter’s Corner Size – $19.99

    • Butter Chicken


      Sliced grilled chicken breast smothered in a creamy butter chicken sauce served with french fries.

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